Services & Prices

Our services are based on the specific project, but generally our core services are:

  • Quality assurance.
  • Negotiation.
  • Administration.

It is a common feature of our services that they are based on the needs of the individual customer instead of creating standard solutions. We are of the opinion that the best results are achieved by having knowledge of the customer and the customer's challenges. Each task therefore requires close cooperation, working towards a common goal. This is made possible by the customers giving us the necessary insight and by both parties keeping each other updated along the way on matters of importance to the result. The responsibility for success lies with the customer as well as with Deltakoncept.

We consider each customer relationship a potentially long-term strategic cooperation – both with regard to specific one-off services or ongoing services. Our customers will therefore experience that we aim to make an extra effort within all areas - efforts that often extend beyond our actual obligations.

Our fee depends on the nature of the task, but generally we have three models: 

  • Fixed fee
  • Fee based on time spent
  • Results-based fee

The results-based fee constitutes a share of the verified saving we obtain for the company. For example, our fee in relation to the negotiation of the agreement constitutes a share of the customer's saving during the first year of the contracting period. The amounts saved in subsequent years accrue solely to the customer.

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